The Ultimate Energy Source

The Ultimate Energy Source should be never ending, fully self-renewable, and should not compromise the environment.

Electrons fluxed by magnetic resonance meet all of these requirements. This electromagnetic system is universally available - electron spin phenomenon produces both magnetic and electrical flux. When intercepted naturally, or with man-made devices, it provides useful energy. The electrical flux is subject to Ohm’s Law and a heat death, not so for magnetic resonance energy which freely amplifies based the Fibonacci Series. Therefore when transformed back at the higher level, it provides more output than input as per Gibbs from Chemistry. Excess energy remaining from a reaction is referred to as Free Energy. Leverage of any kind such as explosions, levers, pulleys, hydraulics, and resonate magnetic flux amplification are forms of Over Unity. The Source of this additional Energy comes from the Earth’s Ambient Background. Conventional energy is captured when magnets and coils are moved relative to each other. Faraday’s action at a distance is provided by magnetic flux, which replicates when encountering a receptor. Capture of these energy at resonance does not diminish the source, after all, resonate electrons have been in flux since the beginning of time and remain undiminshed.

Multiple capture devices with exact copies of the magnetic resonance source provide greater output than input. As such, self-sustaining electrical devices become a reality. See the Devices in the Gallery which show Proof of Principal. Special interest Physics is tainted and has written this out of the literature, ignoring what You have just learned.

Electrical generators (dynamos, et al) do not make electricity; they simply collect it from the magnetic flux field which spins the adjacent electrons. Electrical flux always diminishes when returning to ambient. Magnetic flux, however, freely replicates when resonate, providing duplicate copies of the originating source without diminishing or degrading the source. Action at a distance by this magnetic resonance multiplies the energy present through electron spin. Devices based upon this knowledge provide self-sustainable electrical motors and generators.

At first glance it seems a concept more suitable to science fiction than hard science. However, Magnetic Resonance Energy is very real and useful, and we have demonstrated it for audiences from around the world. This is the Wheelworks of Nature as described by Tesla others. Magnetic Resonance Energy is everywhere abundant, clean, and completely self-renewable. Other sources of alternate energy have serious problems. More than 2000 Web Servers world wide in all languages carry the Web Site which You are viewing. More than 40000 copies of my book [Resonate Energy Methods] are circulation - world wide.