Resonance Energy Concept

Resonance Energy Concept

Resonance Energy Concept takes advantage of a tiny portion of the vast ambient energy reservoirs present throughout our universe. A human is as a speck of dust compared to the earth, likewise, our Solar System is as a speck of dust in the Galaxy, and it, in turn, is a speck of dust in the Universe. One common denominator in all of these bodies is their disturbance of ambient magnetic resonance. Where ever the ambient resonance is disturbed there exists the potential to produce useful energy.

Present everywhere throughout the Universe, electromagnetic energy is accessed via catalytic activity - either directly, as in the case of Solar Cells, or indirectly by mechanical means. Resonate Magnetic Waves (Faraday’s action at a distance) allows energy activation transfer to remote points of usage. Active wave energy at point “A” translates into electrical energy at point “B.” Capture and use of this energy (which exists freely) is at the core of what power companies charge customers. Direct access (bypassing the power company) is far more desirable and efficient, as in the case of Solar Cells. However, solar cell technology requires vast numbers of active cells to produce enough energy to power a house for even a few hours. Perhaps in they will become more efficient, but even then they will still depend on the sun. The Resonance Energy Concept depends on nothing more than the earth’s continued orbit and rotation, and a single Resonance Energy Device (about the size of a shoe box) produces ample energy to power itself, and even the largest of houses, almost indefinitely.

Please do not mistake this for a “perpetual motion” device. It is nothing of the sort. Pull the plug and the power shuts off; necessary parts may wear out over time. The useful energy exists and may be harnessed for as long as the ambient resonance is disturbed, which occurs easily and requires no physical motion on the part of the device. A casual observer watching one of these devices will see only the end result, lights come on, refrigerators run, etc. Without specialized instrumentation it is impossible to tell resonance flux is occurring. However, we can see the results of a certain effect of magnetic resonance with every step we take.

Gravity is a result of magnetic resonance flux. Incoming magnetic waves spin electrons sideways producing useful electrical energy. Absorbed wave energy produces heat, thus earth has a hot interior. Physical movement in electrical systems occurs in the direction of current flow, and frictional drag from inflow current defines gravity. Accretion masses (energy sinks) provide all solid objects with their respective gravitational fields.

There are four major sources providing enormous amounts of ambient background resonant wave energy: Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, and the Earth’s own ambient electromagnetic background. It is the earth’s electromagnetic background which concerns our purposes, a free, self-renewable and environmentally benign power source.

The earth’s electromagnetic ambience comes from reflection, deflection, and absorption as a result of Faraday’s action at a distance. Traditional physics holds the earth’s background ambience to be of little interest. Upon consideration of the evidence to follow we hope to change that interest level. Information on the earth’s magnetic flux field is available to the public from the US Geological Survey Office in Colorado, USA. When examined and properly understood these maps yield important information regarding reflection, deflection, and absorption of incoming magnetic waves and action at a distance.

When properly understood, these maps yield an ambient electromagnetic flux of 7.2 billion Volts at a point of measure. This is the part of the earth’s energy system that relates to the Bird on a High Voltage Line. The motor system that spins/rotates the earth is provided when deflected magnetic flux from electrons changes to electrical flux. The level of electrical energy required to rotate the earth is derived thus: Earth’s mass in Kg = 5.9 X 10 to the 24th power (according to “Physics for Scientists and Engineers”, 2nd edition, edited by Ramond A. Serway). Using this information we can calculate the Watts of Electricity required. Absorbed flux energy heats objects from the inside out, thus the earth’s hot interior. Water is strongly diamagnetic - ocean waves present on windless days provide visible proof of the overhead incoming magnetic flux. The earth’s weight and rate of spin allow for the calculation of the incoming ambient background energy required to rotate the planet.

Astrophysics is primarily concerned with light in the visible spectrum rather than wave phenomenon associated with action at a distance. While solar energy can translate into electrical power, the spectrum of visible light is only a tiny portion of total electromagnetic energy spectrum, and can therefore only translate into a tiny amount of energy. The Solar System, however, is alive with energy from the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and that energy is far greater than the light produced by our sun. Very high frequencies allow radio telescopes to photoghaph the entire Galaxy. The following is a radio photograph taken at 408 MHz, that is, all the energy visible in the photograph resonates at 408 MHz, far beyond the spectrum of visible light. (Photo courtesy of Radio Sky, Haslam 408 Mhz; )

Galaxy photograph resonates at 408 MHz

The Milky Way Galaxy measures 150 light years, end to end. Red and Yellow indicate the actual galactic boundaries, outer radiated energy is displayed in green. Not visible in this photograph, the earth exists near the keft end of the central high energy area, surrounded by a soup of energy that extends in all directions.

Accretion and formation of galaxies, suns and planets are the result of energy sinks. Mass retains heat and is “cooked” from the inside out by the microwave background provided by the Universe. Flux moving into energy sinks provides the frictional force known as gravity. Spinning mass in the presence of incoming flux amplifies the gravitational effect.

Previously noted, solar energy represents only a very small portion of the magnetic wave energy present in our solar system and on earth. Solar-type devices provide uncomplicated and inexpensive direct access to that limited spectrum of energy. They also open the door to directly accessing other, greater energy sources.

All electromagnetic energy harvesting methods include three things: a catalyst, a collector, and a pump. Catalysts include sensitization through doping with certain elements, as well as air and earth grounding. Collectors include temporary storage, as in capacitors, coils, and transformers. The pump system includes induced movement onward to a point of use. Conventional rotating coils and magnet systems activate the electrons present such that action at a distance can occur, serving therefore as an energy activation pump. Indirect acquisition of electrical energy by mechanical means (as in a dynamo - a combination collector and pump drawing energy from the earth’s ambient energy background) is wasteful in its low energy yield and costs to operate, troublesome to maintain, and dergades and polutes the environment.

Direct access systems (such as solar cells) have the same effect without mechanical action. Magnetic waves, impacting and deflecting, spin local electrons sideways producing useful electrical energy. And while solar energy is inherantly limited in its energy yield, accessing the full electromagnetic spectrum offers an incredible yield, far more output than input, from a virtually unending, fully renewable, environmentally benign source. TransWorld Energy is bringing it to you.

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